Ball Valves

On-off service, fast operation and easy maintenance, used primarily for steam, water, oil, gas, air, corrosive fluids, slurries and powdered dry materials. Available in stainless steel to special alloys.

Butterfly Valves

On-off service primarily for use in gases and liquids with relatively low, economical and easy to maintain pressure. Available from ductile iron to special alloys

Gate Valves

Used to clean fluid flow without interruption. Available in carbon steel to special alloys.

Check Valves

Preventing reverse flow in pipes. They are automatic and are kept open by the pressure of fluid flowing.

Globe Valves

Its main function is to cut or regulate the flow, positive close for gas and air, high strength and tolerable pressure drop in the line. Available in carbon steel and special alloys


Designed and manufactured high quality and easy to install, offers a wide range of automation products including pneumatic valve actuators and electric actuators

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